I guide people to the point where their dreams become possible. I help you "gather" yourself, regain inner peace, stand in your place and on your path, unleash your talents, and LIVE IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. I believe in you, and I know that you are worthy of your dreams! All you must do is believe it too.

Raminta Girdvainė. Nuotr. Dalios Bagdonaitės

I am Raminta Girdvaine - a Transformation Coach (Certified ICF, International Coach Federation) and Inspirational Speaker, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Consultant, and Certified Points of You Trainer.  I have been working in the field of personal development and psychology for more than 8 years and in education and communication for 16 years. I do workshops and seminars, give speeches at conferences and events in Lithuania and abroad, and consult clients in individual psychotherapy and coaching sessions. I also write articles in the media and share insights on social networks on personal development topics. I am constantly developing new ideas and projects. After discovering my vocation to teach, I help others to discover their talents and strengths, express themselves in the best way, and believe in themselves, their dreams, and their inner power.

But first, I'm always learning and growing myself, so I only share what I've discovered, tested, and what has worked. By constantly growing, exploring, and allowing myself to unfold naturally, by being real with myself and just living it (I don't hide my humanity and vulnerability under the mask of being a professional) - I naturally touch others on my journey too. I believe that it is not mainly through methods, but through our example, energy, and love that we inspire the environment to change. We all know that the environment influences us, but we often forget how we influence it, and that our changes can have a profound ripple effect on everyone around us.

I had to go a very long way and put a lot of achievements on my CV to realize that I was fine, that I didn't need to fix or improve anything, and that another diploma would not boost my self-esteem, I had to do it myself. And it was only when I stood in my true place and power that I started to learn, create and share from a place of empowerment, not from a place of scarcity and a desire to prove something. Now my achievements are no longer a tool for self-esteem, they are simply self-realization, service, a way to grow, joy, and gratitude for my talents and the path I have taken.


Every day I witness many small but significant changes, as well as major life transformations. What motivates and delights me the most is to see people standing up for themselves, reclaiming their power to change their lives, and boldly pursuing their dreams, each of which, when fulfilled, makes the world a better and more beautiful place. I am also a researcher - I am very curious to understand human psychology and to help people discover how to become stronger, free from crushing emotions and thoughts, and fulfill themselves.

I am a natural listener, creator, and lover of people. I am always striving to improve things, to expand possibilities, once out of scarcity and perfectionism, but now I use it for creativity and service, letting my natural talents shine through. I have always loved to share my point of view and discoveries and to inspire others in this way - only the forms were different. I have always been writing - from poems, articles, and media releases to blogs and therapeutic writing - a way of making sense, expressing, and transforming thoughts and feelings that is very close to my heart.

I am very curious and creative, so throughout my life, I have been interested in different things and looking for ways to combine them. I have several professions and have developed my skills in different fields and roles. This enables me to create new things, relevant content, and personalized ways of emotional support, to see the bigger picture, and to help more people to discover their uniqueness and their path to fulfillment. To be honest, for a long time, I considered this as a weakness, criticizing myself for not being able to make up my mind and choose one area. I felt I didn't fit in in different communities because it always seemed that I wasn't good enough, that I was always lacking something in that area. But when I stepped back and saw how much I encompassed and how much breadth and depth it gave me, I started to see it as my strength and uniqueness. So, I constantly remind my clients that what you already have is the best gift, you just have to find a way to unwrap and use it. If you feel different, it doesn't mean something is wrong with you. You just need to use and appreciate your strengths and find a group where you feel accepted for who you are.


Although I no longer cling to my achievements (and sometimes even forget certain positions), I feel grateful and appreciative of all the experiences I have gained, the contributions I have made, and the help of many people along the way - all of which have made me who I am today.

I have a wide range of experience - from roles in communication, marketing, sales, and Public Relations (PR), being a journalist, copywriter, radio host, event host, event organizer; project developer, team and department manager to... lecturer, speaker, business trainer, coach, therapist - that's mainly what I do now, using other acquired competences as tools.

I am also a Communication Consultant, it's my first profession, so I have more than 16 years of experience in business and the non-commercial sector. I have a degree in Publishing and Communication Studies from Vilnius University, Communication Faculty. I started my career in this field as a journalist, in my second year I became the editor-in-chief of the student portal KomFakas.lt and under my leadership, we successfully developed and expanded a project that was important for the community of the Communication Faculty for 3 years. Throughout my professional life, I have been appreciated for my excellent media relations, smooth communication with various interest groups (clients, communities), and the creation and presentation of relevant content (press releases, articles, TV and radio appearances). Even after a change of career, these skills are still very much needed.

For many years I have worked in book publishing and marketing, promoting interesting books, writers, and reading in general. Even though I no longer work in this field, I still enjoy reading immensely and broaden my horizons in this way. There are always at least 5 books on my bedside table, for different moods and desires, and yet most of them are of self-development.

Achievements in book publishing and sales at that time: from a one-person position (self-promotion project manager), I grew the marketing activities into a full marketing department, and we expanded the entire network of self-promotion tools and partners. With my team, I organized over 30 events, wrote more than 1000 newsletters, press releases, and other creative texts, successfully implemented about 50 marketing campaigns, and took care of 3-6 projects at a time, mentoring 2-6 team members. I took care of media relations, moderated events, and organized various communication activities at Book Fairs. We also entered the market with the e-bookstore "Knygos.lt", and in 2012 the project won the LOGIN conference nomination "Best Start of the Year". In 2011 and 2012 I was awarded as one of the best employees of the company.

I have a lot of management experience. I have managed teams of different sizes (from 3 to 30 people), their selection and motivation, training, and internal communication. For 2 years I was a Chairperson of the Vilnius Board of LiMA (Lithuanian Marketing Association), which currently unites more than 1300 marketing and communication professionals: during that time, I and my team organized more than 40 educational events - conferences, seminars, workshops.

In 2015, the biggest professional change came when my workplace underwent a radical transformation and I suddenly lost my job in Public Relations (PR). Despite the confusion and the depressing feelings, I saw it as an opportunity - I remembered my school dream of working in the field of psychology and decided to pursue it. And instead of working as an employee, I turned my way to being self-employed in the field of coaching and self-development. I graduated from a coaching school, started teaching students at university, running workshops, and sessions, designing various projects, and creating my own workplace and job description. Later on, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) came into the picture in my studies and work, which allowed me to understand and help people even better. Above all, it gave me a very strong impetus for my self-understanding and change. I not only studied but also attended the therapy myself, so I experienced the impact and the need for it first-hand.

In 2020/2021, I hosted the XFM radio show "Lyderystės klubas" ("Leadership Club"), introducing and voicing inspiring Lithuanian leaders. That year, 2 of my shows were in the top 10 most listened-to shows of the year. Getting to know and talking to others has always been interesting to me. And hosting radio shows was also one of my dreams that I pursued.

I was also one of the founders, organizers, and speakers of the "Išdrįsk pradėti" ("Dare to Start") change initiative, which in 3 years (2017-2020) inspired more than 4000 women directly through large conferences and other events and projects, and touched even more people indirectly through articles, videos, songs, team people, volunteers, event participants, word of mouth and other ways of spreading the message to make a move, start pursuing dreams and goals. I am extremely happy and proud that the lovingly created events have had great feedback, and have been appreciated for their rich and high-quality content (9 out of 10 recommended to a friend), the attention to speakers, and the active communication. One of the big conferences had a "sell-out" 3 weeks before the event - at the time this form of encouragement was very necessary and important for people pursuing their dreams. It was great to hear stories of how people managed not only to get motivated but also to get firmly moving toward their dreams. Warm memories, lots of firsts, and wonderful people from that time!

Another amazing experience - I taught Entrepreneurship Leadership and Public Relations for 3 years at the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University (from which I graduated). I see a great sense of inspiring young people, and I am still in contact with some of the students, supporting them and celebrating their achievements. Teaching has also developed my ability to discover how to present the material interestingly and engage students, how they can best absorb important subjects and learn experientially.

I am a public speaking enthusiast - I have been on stage since the first grade, almost 30 years: acting, singing, dancing, reciting poems, giving presentations, giving speeches, and hosting and moderating events. For more than 5 years I have been a member of various Lithuanian and International public speaking clubs (Toastmasters International, Įtaigių pranešėjų klubas - the Club of Persuasive Speakers) and I have been developing my skills in various training. I enjoy sharing my discoveries, insights, and knowledge with people - I find great satisfaction in creating and sharing and a great sense of meaning in seeing how it resonates with others. When I get up on stage, my eyes shine and my heart sings, I feel a great sense of responsibility and gratitude, and at the same time, I trust that I will communicate to people exactly what is most important to them at that moment.



I have a Bachelor's degree in Publishing and a Master's degree in Communication Science (Vilnius University, Faculty of Communication), I graduated from the Baltic School of Coaching (supervised by Povilas Petrauskas and Oleg Kovrikov), and I have studied psychotherapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), supervised by Dr. Julius Neverauskas) for 4 years. I am into energetic practices as well - have finished The Tachyon Vertical Reality Level 2 course that gave me tools for expanding and cleansing energy flow. Every year I spend on average at least 80 days (700 hours) on competence development and personal development, which gives me a lot of joy and adds more and more value to my clients. I study with world-renowned teachers such as Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Eric Edmeades, Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakhiani, Jeffrey Allen, Mel Robbins, Alexander Girshon, etc., and I am inspired by Brene Brown, Oprah, and other leaders, thinkers, and writers.

I am currently enrolled in a 3-year English IBMT (Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy) program (2nd year now) and am interested in dance therapy, spirituality, and other effective approaches to psychological support and personal growth. Continuous learning is simply my way of life, also mastery and quality are important values to me.

I am most valued for my diverse experience, deep knowledge and insights, warm and sincere communication, strategic thinking and curiosity, and my ability to listen, understand, and inspire people to change.

And I am very happy to be following my calling to share with people and to be changing and growing myself - constantly expanding my horizons, meeting wonderful teachers and colleagues, being able to realize myself and my talents, living a very interesting and meaningful life, and contributing to making a big difference in the lives of individuals and society at large. This gives me a sense of fulfillment that I believe anyone can create.


The most important thing is your motivation, and determination to discover, understand, and grow. Most of the time, people come to my sessions or events at a crossroads in their lives, at a point where they realize that they can't and don't want to live like this anymore. Some people are suffering from burnout, anxiety, depression, and various emotional difficulties; others are dealing with work, self-actualization, or business challenges; some want to boost their self-esteem and confidence; others are looking for answers to "Who am I and what do I want?"; others know their dreams very well, but are looking for a way to break through; some are trying to improve their relationships and get back to themselves; and some are just feeling very stuck, and don't know how and where to go from here.

I look at each client with a holistic approach, as an individual with a unique story, and I respect the person's journey and accept them without judgment, for who they are and where they are, without putting my labels on them. So, I can't tell you the best way to choose and how to behave (I can only share my professional knowledge, vision, and life experience), but I can awaken that awareness in you - what I call reclaiming power for yourself. You know and feel best what the right answers are, and you take responsibility for your own life - it's just a matter of learning to master it. I can illuminate, reflect, expand your horizons, and support you on this journey with love and compassion. And the decisions and actions are yours. And always have been.

Professional competencies are very important in my work, but since my work is based on relationships, the ability to make others feel understood and accepted is what makes real miracles. So the most important thing for me is that a person feels safe and free in his or her relationship with me during the sessions or workshops.


You can truly unleash your nature and your calling, realize your abilities, and live in the direction of your dreams - with drive, peace within, and results. As much as you want and need at this stage of your life.

Having me as your Coach/ Therapist/ Mentor through the changes:

  • You will regain inner peace and balance.
  • You will discover the direction in which to move.
  • You will gain clarity and make an action plan.
  • You will receive guidance and tools for the growth you want.
  • You will transform chaos into structure and stability.
  • You will know yourself better, learn to listen to yourself, and connect, and unite your mind, body, and heart.
  • You will commit to the changes that you desire.
  • You will strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.
  • You will realize that you are good enough already, you don't have to be fixed, you just have to show and shine the best of who you are already.

Got any questions? Let's discuss how I can help you.

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